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Housemaid Service in Kathmandu you can trust.

You can unwind and take care of your own responsibilities and take off from the house keeping to Us.

We give thoroughly prepared and proficient housemaids as indicated by your need. We give one of the most amazing housemaid services in Kathmandu. Along these lines, you can cross major of your daily agenda and take off from every one of your stresses over housemaid. The delight of realising your home has and will be cleaned by experts you can trust is so unwinding.

Office service cleaning administrations are predictable, intensive and adjustable. In the event that you might want to have an extraordinary help like change your tidying up timetable or skirt a few rooms just let us know! Our administrations are totally adaptable as indicated by your need.

How Do We Provide Housemaid Service in Kathmandu?

As trailblazers of the cleaning arrangement in Nepal, we are awesome at what we do. You should simply contact or book our administrations. Then, we will book an arrangement for cleaning your home and show up on time.

We are exceptionally exhaustive with regards to housekeeping. We, first and foremost, clean your kitchen and washrooms with profound and nitty gritty cleaning. These two rooms require more clarity of mind and when they are far removed, we continue on toward the remainder of the house.

Next are your living regions and rooms. We additionally give the best couch cleaning in Kathmandu. Cleaning to us implies flawless and clean surfaces that are without microbes. Besides, we guarantee great standard tidiness. The instruments and cleaning gear we use will make a point to represent our norm.

Neatness is firmly connected with wellbeing. Along these lines, we ensure you and your family are healthy. The business synthetic substances that we use are climate agreeable and don’t influence kids or pets in any capacity (once applied). However, it doesn’t imply that we are not cautious.

We are centred around cleaning the house, gathering dust, soil, grime and discarding them, going out perfectly and gleaming with our housemaid administration in Kathmandu. Likewise, our rug cleaning administration will guarantee spotless and appealing inside. Our cleaning technique makes certain to intrigue you and settle on you need to decide the following time your home requirements cleaning.

Why Choose Facility Services?

  • Proficient and experienced house cleaning in Kathmandu
  • Current cleaning strategies for definite cleaning
  • Utilisation of public and worldwide brand synthetic compounds and hardware
  • Prepared and exceptional labour
  • Agreeable and solid group of staff that guarantee greatest fulfilment
  • Sensible cost for our administrations
  • Adaptable help according to your craving
  • More than 11 years of involvement with this industry
  • Reasonable evaluating plans
  • A wide range of cleaning administrations done proficiently

Here are a few critical advantages to recruiting a house cleaner administration:

Benefit #1 It offers comfort.

The main advantages of home cleaning administrations are the additional time you get to enjoy with loved ones. At the point when you employ a cleaning administration, it likewise permits you to make a timetable for administrations when it is generally beneficial for yourself as well as your loved ones.

You have the ability to redo your cleaning plan. You can pick what to clean and when. You don’t for even a moment must be at home when they clean. You can do what you believe you should manage without thinking about the errands that you abandoned.

Benefit #2 They are capable.

Regardless of whether you just own it, keeping your home clean on top of work, family and pets can be hard, and at times overpowering. Regardless of whether you let it get absolutely wild, it tends to be trying to keep everything up. This is where housekeeper administrations can help!

With the assistance of expert cleaners that are capable, they know the most reasonable devices for any assignment. They are the specialists and have the right stuff and are preparing to accomplish the most ideal outcomes. They know the best strategies and items to clean even the hardest soil away. With regards to cleaning, you can anticipate that your home should be perfect, or even cleaner with the assistance of their experience.

Benefit #3 They are thorough.

One of the fundamental very much cherished attributes of housekeeper administration is being thorough. They see and clean between each break and fissure of your home. They likewise watch out for each perspective, for example, baseboards, window blinds, roof vents and fans, even the region behind the latrines. At the point when you enlist a house cleaner administration, you can expect that every last trace of your home stands out.

Benefit #4 It saves you time.

Who couldn’t maintain that additional time to enjoy with loved ones? Save your time for doing the exercises that you love. Enlist a house cleaner administration, and you will possess energy for the things that are fundamental. You won’t ever need to invest valuable energy off in the nights or ends of the week cleaning your home. You can now pause for a minute or two and loosen up with your loved ones.

Housemaid or cleaner month to month pay is as per the following:

SNWorks And Duties Of MaidWorking Hour MonthlyMonthly Salary For 6 Days
1.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking1 Hours3000 RS
2.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking2 Hours5000 RS
3.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking3 Hours6000 RS
4.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking4 Hours7000 RS
5.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking5 Hours8000 RS
6.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking6 Hours9000 RS
7.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking7 Hours11000 RS
8.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking8 Hours13000 RS
9.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking9 Hours14000 RS
10.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking10 Hours15000 RS
11.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking11 Hours16000 RS
12.Normal Cleaning, dishwashing,cooking12 Hours17000 RS


-The wages/salaries that are mentioned above are not according to the labour law of Nepal. Therefore, Incentives, allowance, and salaries depend on the first party’s decision

-The client should provide breakfast and lunch to normal housemaids and cleaners at their respective times.

-All the maids will work 6 days a week.

-The first party should pay Rs.1,000 as a booking and this amount will not be refundable under any condition.

Maid Service Agreement with Terms and Conditions:

First Party: Customer
Second Party: Royal Cleaning Services and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd
-The second part won’t be responsible for any loss and theft at the first-party house.
-The first party will be fully responsible and must bear all the consequences of any accident that happens during the cleaner’s duty.
-The second part won’t be responsible for replacing another employee if they leave the job due to misbehaving or mistreatment.
-The first party has to pay the amount of salary and other incentives directly to the maid at the end of the month.
-The second party has to pay Rs. 1,000 for booking maid/cleaner and the amount won’t be refundable under any conditions
-If any types of legal consequences occur in the future, we won’t be responsible.
-The first party should grant all the security and safety of the maid/cleaner.
-The first party has to collect the original documents of a maid like citizenship, contact no. of family, and relatives in case of safety and reliability (if needed).

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